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Our Sports Coordinator at Haeata is Melanie Puckett. We have a variety of Sports on offer at Haeata including Netball, Basketball, Volleyball, Rugby League, Rugby and Volleyball. At Haeata our main focus is to increase participation in Sport and Recreation, we are also focussing on enhancing the profile of sport at the school within the community.

About our Sports Team

Melanie Puckett (opposite) was selected to the Auckland Blues Squad

Carly Werahiko was selected to represent the Canterbury Red Hawks to compete at the Softball New Zealand National Fastpitch Championships, Mizuno Ball Park 10th – 13th February 2022

Ra Waaka was selected to represent Canterbury in the National Championship Men’s 50 Representative Touch Tournament from the 3rd to the 6th March 2022, at Ongley Park/Manawaroa Park in Palmerston North

Our Sports achievements for 2021 include:

  • Senior Volleyball Boys: Canterbury Division 2 Champions (2nd year running)

  • Junior Volleyball Boys: Canterbury Division 2 Champions

  • Senior Volleyball Girls: Division Winners

  • Senior Netball: Division Winners

  • Senior Basketball Boys: Division 1 Winners

  • Y5/6 Basketball Team: Division Winners

  • Senior Rugby Boys: Division 3 Winners

We also had 10 players selected to the Canterbury Representative squad for Rugby League, as well as 1 player selected to the Canterbury Representative squad for Rugby Union.

Key Sports

Our major key sports include:

  • Rugby Union

  • Rugby League

  • Basketball

  • Netball

  • Football

  • Volleyball

Minor Sports

Our minor sports offered are:

  • Waka AMA

  • Touch

  • T-Ball

  • Badminton

  • Squash

  • Cricket

  • Kiwi Tag

  • Surfing