Our Values / Uara

The values of Haeata Community Campus underpin everything we do.

Hanga Whare

Building the foundation for all learners to leave our school more curious than when they arrived

  • Enterprise, innovation and curiosity provide the framework for the daily life of school
  • We redesign constantly to meet our changing environment
  • Connected globally and locally


Compassion, commitment and love ignite action

  • For the learner
  • For teaching and learning
  • For self and others


Every learner having a sense of belonging

  • Learners are at the heart of what we do
  • Mana, well-being and identity are valued
  • Every learner is welcome, engaged and heard


All learners mindful of their unique role in making a difference

  • All learners are leaders and
  • All learners act with responsibility and respect
  • All learners are mindful of their influence on the environment
  • We learn from our community and our community learns from us


Every learner crossing the stage with dignity, purpose and options

  • High expectations of self and others
  • Is defined by whanau, school and students to meet the unique needs of each learner
  • We are responsible for individual and collective success