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Haeata PTA

The primary purpose of this group is to provide a voice for all whanau at Haeata.

Our Story

In 2016 our parent group was created by Kelly Dugan. Kelly was in the Hauora Team at Haeata and always made an effort to keep everyone happy and motivated.

So we named the group – Different type of Perfect Parent support group

This name represented us as parents and what we go through on a daily basis while raising children with special needs and also where we could talk about the good the bad and the ugly we go through

At the end of 2018 when Kelly departed from Haeata our group started talking about what was next. So in 2019, we agreed that we wanted to open the group up to as many parents as possible not just special needs parents but everyone.

So we renamed our group from the “Different type of Perfect Parent support group” to “Caffeine & Cookie Club”.

Now the Primary purpose of this group is to provide a voice for all whanau at Haeata.

We will always try to assist Haeata in helping all diverse children, so they all reach their fullest potential. Raising a child in this technological age can be tough especially with all the issues it can introduce, we all know how frustrating it can be and it’s sometimes just good to bounce some ideas around.

Now we have a coffee group running every 2nd Thursday, from 1:30pm – 2:30 held in the boardroom.

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Caffeine and Cookie club meets in the Haeata board room every second Thursday.

Meeting dates  for Caffeine and cookie club 1:30 – 3 pm

  • 10 Feb
  • 24 Feb
  • 10 Mar
  • 24 Mar
  • 7 Apr

PTA Meeting dates 6 – 7 pm

  • 2 Mar
  • 6 Apr

Halloween Disco 2019

In 2019 we pulled together with staff and students to plan an amazing Disco for all of Teina.

Here is what we had on offer

  • Photo Booth
  • Dance off
  • Best costume
  • Music from Dawn FM

In addition, all money raised was donated to the SPCA and Dawn FM.

Blanket Drive 2019

Our blanket drive managed to get quite a few blankets for the local community.

Teina Sandpits

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the process of installing two sandpits outside Kaunuku.

So many of you were involved from red tape cutters, planners, construction crew sand movers and much more.

Thank you all for creating this amazing play space for all our Haeata kids.