Curriculum Overview

Empowerment of the school values of success, manaakitanga, alofa, service and hanga whare are really important in the Haeata Community Campus curriculum and these values will become obvious in all learning and actions of ākonga and kaimahi. All the learning we design will come from these values


Ākonga are at the centre of everything. All learning programmes will aim to empower and improve the wellbeing and achievement of each ākonga. Learning programmes are made up of a combination of core skills and inquiry. Learning is centred around ākonga interests and passions, as well as through carefully designed experiences planned by kaiako to broaden ākonga interests and passions.


The cultural narrative written by Ngai Tahu for the East of Christchurch is a central feature in the development of both the physical environment and ongoing learning programmes. Te Reo Māori and Tikanga Māori is valued and emphasised throughout the campus.


Haeata Community Campus pushes boundaries of traditional thinking about schooling and is open to all possibilities for ākonga to engage in and be empowered to take control of their futures.


Collaborative teaching using flexible learning spaces is a feature of programme delivery at Haeata Community Campus.  This means that each ākonga will work with many different adults over the course of each day and week.

Components of the Curriculum

Hikuawa Year 1-6

Kōmanawa (Bilingual unit) Year 1-9

Year 7 & 8

Year 9-13


Digital Learning

At Haeata ākonga will use a range of digital learning as part of their learning. At different parts of their learning ākonga might use laptops, ipads, tablets and chromebooks.  


Key Relationships

The key relationships each ākonga will have will first be with their Puna Ako teacher and then with all of the kaimahi in their hapori. Ākonga will also touch base with the Kaikōtuitui (Dean) and Kaiārahi from time to time. The senior leadership team will also be actively working alongside kaimahi and ākonga in their hapori.

Puna Waiora (old library space) has been converted into a student services area. This is where ākonga can go to sign in or get a late pass and be marked on the roll. The Year 12 and 13 ākonga can also complete their independent work in this area during their study line. 


Wellbeing Team

A strong wellbeing team operate out of student services and ākonga will be able to access members of this team as they need to:

  • Guidance Counsellor

  • Social Worker

  • Nurse

  • Sports Coordinator

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