Naming the School

Haeata Community Campus was given as a name by Ngāi Tūāhuriri representative Lynne Te Aika meaning - New Dawn. There was extensive consultation resulting in an overwhelming support of the name Haeata Community Campus.


In conjunction with Ngāi Tūāhuriri and the cultural narrative gifted to the schools in the east side of Christchurch by Mahaanui Mātauraka we worked alongside Mana Whenua Facilitator, Corban Te Aika to name particular buildings in the school. Extensive research and wānanga took place to ensure that the mana of the Māori cultural history was upheld and in addition that the naming was aligned to the nature of the buildings, learning and philosophy.


The naming of buildings and spaces followed the narrative of the local Māori history including the environment, tūpuna and species that traditionally lived in Aranui and its surroundings. Again, consultation took place within the SLT and EBoT to ensure that the process was inclusive.


Our Language

Here are some of the terms that you will hear used at Haeata:

  • Ākonga                      Learner

  • Kaiako                       Teacher

  • Kaimahi                     Staff

  • Kaiāwhina                 Support person

  • Kaikōtuitui                Dean

  • Kaiarataki                 Leader of Year 7 & 8

  • Kaiārahi                    Leader of learning in hapori

  • Raukura                    Assistant Principal

  • Kaihautū Whakako   Director of Learning

  • Manukura                 The Leader of the school

  • Hapori                       Learning Community

  • Kōmanawa               Years 1-9 Reo Rua Māori

  • Kura                          School

  • Tamariki                   Children

  • Tamaiti                     Child

  • Whānau                    ​Family​

  • Puna Ako                 A small group of students within a hapori attached to one or two kaiako.

  • Kaupapa Ako           The time kaiako and ākonga work together to develop discover and learn about a variety of subjects.



At Haeata ākonga and kaimahi will be allocated into hapori which will be the base for their learning. There are two hapori across the school which are based out four buildings. These buildings were named in line with the cultural narrative. 

  • Hikuawa- meaning the source of a river

  • Kaunuku- meaning a steady flowing river

Hikuawa is home to our to our years 1-6. Kaunuku is home to Kōmanawa years 1-9 which is our reo-rua (bilingual) programme.

  • Kōrepo- meaning a shallow lagoon

  • Ihutai- meaning the estuary or river mouth

Kōrepo and Ihutai are home to our years 7-13+.