Haeata aims to improve student self-development, assisting students in gaining enjoyment from sport and physical education. We will increase the quality of ākonga participation, cater for all the different needs and the delivery of safe sport.

Our sports Coordinator  at Haeata is Carly Werahiko. Carly has several years experience in the coordination of sports as a player, coach, referee and manager. Our Head of Sport is Paul Konia he comes with 10+ years of successful experience in managing year level staff, leading and facilitating school-wide change, coaching and managing sports teams. At Haeata our main focus is to increase participation in Sport and Recreation, we are are also focussing on enhancing the profile of sport at the school and within the community.


Carly and Paul will work closely, build relationships and strategize with coaches, managers, officials, community groups, organizations and other schools. We will work hard to lead, manage and enhance the school’s sport programme and the students who participate in it.


Our major key sports include;

Rugby Union

Rugby League





Our minor sports offered are;

Waka AMA






Kiwi Tag



Haeata Sport Fees - midweek sports run through School Sport Canterbury are $20 per sport each year, this is to contribute to entry fees, transport cost and uniform arrangements. Any other sport that is run by external agencies the costs may vary and you will notified on the permission slip.



Paul Konia - paulkonia@haeata.school.nz

Carly Werahiko - carlywerahiko@haeata.school.nz 03 9300110 ext 4085