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Carly Werahiko - Attendance

Ko Carly Werahiko toku ingoa.

I attended Aranui High school as a student from 2004 - 2007 and then returned in 2012 as the sports coordinator where I worked up until coming to Haeata. I have a 7 year old son Jahziah and my partner and I purchased our first house just over two years ago in Aranui. I have a huge passion in sport and I am really excited about the opportunities and successes Haeata will offer to our tamariki.




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Michael Fox - Makerspace Technician

Kia ora, my name is Michael Fox. I am a designer with a passion for the environment. I grew up in Ōtautahi and first came to Haeata in mid 2018 after being invited to have a look around. I loved the place and ended up coming in whenever I could to work in the space. I was lucky enough to be offered a position as the makerspace technician and am privileged to spend every day in the makerspace helping students with their various projects.  

Michelle Mahuika
Career Pathways Coordinator 

Ko Tutoko te Maunga

Ko Makaawhio te Awa

Ko Uruao te Waka 

Ko Kāti Māhaki ki Makaawhio te Hapu

Ko Ngai Tahu te Iwi.


Kiaora, I have been working in education for the past 14 years in the Eastern suburbs of Otautahi. This year I have been privileged to be in a newly established role of Kaikotuitui, I look forward to working alongside you and your whanau.