Brain Riddler

Connor, 14, is in his first year at Haeata Community Campus. His game, called “Brain Riddler” has thrown him into a whirlwind of new learning, trialling and experiencing technology that is new to him. He has designed a game board and game pieces using digital software, and is constructing them using a 3D printer in the MakerSpace at Haeata.

“I learnt to use new software like Fusion 360, and the laser cutter,” Connor says. This involves key skills such as measurement, trial and error, problem-solving, creativity, persistence, patience and more. He is designing game cards with a range of factual questions about the brain and the body, optical illusions and riddles. For this process he needs to research and gather all the facts and create the design and layout of the cards.

Connor had the opportunity to test his game with a group of people at the recent Kōrepo Kaupapa Exhibition, where all students showcased their work. There were plenty of people willing to step up, roll the die and give it a go. “It was great seeing their reaction when they realised what the answers to the riddles were,” Connor says.