Haeata Vacancies 


There are currently no vacancies at our kura. 

Our Values

  • ALOFA - Love what you do, do what you love

  • SERVICE - ALL learners mindful of their unique role in making a difference

  • MANAAKITANGA - Every learner having a sense of belonging

  • SUCCESS - Every learner crossing the stage with dignity, purpose and options

  • HANGA WHARE - Building the foundation for all learners to create their future


Essential Mindsets:

  • Working in a young school

  • Supporting the ongoing redevelopment of a community through education

  • Willingness to re-imagine ‘school’ and ‘learning’ 

  • Co-creating learning with and for students and community

  • Embrace  a Year 1-13 school

  • Wanting to impact education locally, regionally, nationally and globally

  • Constant commitment to colleagues in a highly collaborative environment 

  • Embrace  change and new ways of doing things

  • Re-invent yourself alongside colleagues with similar mindsets

  • See learning as being connected, not silo-ed