Frequently asked questions

If you have a question for us click here, we will aim to e-mail you an answer within 24 hours. Frequently asked questions will be posted on underneath.

Q. Will there be a pre-school on site?


A. E Tipu E Rea will remain on the campus site. They can be contacted on (03) 388 0813 or


Q. Are you using Chromebooks?


A. Devices will be fit for purpose. Yes, there will be some Chromebooks but also numerous other devices. We are currently scoping what we may need to purchase or lease.


Q. Will the new school have security, not just teachers, but some people to help out children with everyday questions and anxieties?


A. We would expect staff on duty would deal primarily with questions and anxieties of students of all ages.


Q. How much are school fees? Chromebooks? Expectations to buy things?


A. These are all decisions to be made. We acknowledge that financial outlay for some of our families is difficult and where possible we are planning with that in mind. The Board of Trustees are gifting a top and bottom of our uniform to all Ākonga. We do not expect Whānau to purchase their own devices.


Q. What can you tell us about the playground equipment?


A. Playground equipment is currently being installed (November). We hope to be able to invite Whānau to come and have a look at the site in the week leading up to Christmas and from the middle of January.


Q. The Year 1-13 is an issue. What is the Maximum roll, predicted roll for 2017?


A. We see great opportunity in the Y1-13 model. A chance to develop a new culture where our seniors are great role models for our younger students. Our predicted roll is around 900 students (total) from Years 1-13.


Q. How do we contact you without the internet?


A. Leave a message on our office phone (03) 929 0509. Text or call 021 0288 2464 (Principal’s mobile - use between 8.30am - 5.00pm for this purpose.


Q. Will parents see the building before it opens?


A. We hope to be able to invite Whānau to come and have a look at the site in the week leading up to Christmas and from the middle of January. The webcam is available for viewing the build progress, you can find this on the Home page. 


Q. Will it be ready in January 2017?


A. The date we receive the keys is scheduled as December 16. This is on track.


Q. Is there before and after school care, onsite?


A. Yes there will be, more information around this will follow later.

Q. Will the children have their own google account?


A. Yes they will. A significant amount of work students do will be online. Using G-Suite enables students to share work, collaborate with others and explore different ways of working.

Q. Will there be any trips off site and school camps?


A. We see our campus as being much wider than just the school site and we will be encouraging of trips and camps.

Q. Will there be drinking fountains?


A. Yes there will.

Q. When my child is struggling to handle their emotions and needs time-out where can they go when the working space is large and open and noisy?


A. In each hub of learning - which we are calling a hapori - systems will be developed to support children who need to find some of their own space.  Within each larger hapori there will be smaller groups called Puna Ako where one teacher is responsible for the wellbeing and support of a small group of children. Children who need a quiet space will be able to go to that teacher to get support for this.