Our Kura

Cafe – Te Amohaka

Our vision is for the Cafe – Te Amohaka is to provide a place where everyone can feel comfortable to relax together and have a kai.

About our Cafe

  • The Cafe will reflect the schools’ values of Alofa, Hanga Whare, Manaakitanga, Service, and Success.

  • Te Amohaka is based in the heart of the Campus in Te Tai a Mahaanui and will operate between the hours of 8:00 am-1:40 pm, Monday – Friday.

  • Elise Darbyshire is employed as the Cafe Manager (opposite).

  • Te Amohaka is registered with Council to serve the community and members of the public as well as have the capacity to provide catering services on and off-site.

  • A selection of cabinet food will be available for purchase from Te Amohaka.