Road Patrol

The New Zealand Police and our school work together to create the school traffic safety teams, which are run by students and supervised by adults. NZTA's site School Traffic Safety Teams provides comprehensive information, including a manual with helpful sections on setting up and operating a road patrol, coping with challenging conditions, and other resources.

Guidelines for our school:


The Breezes Road crossing is patrolled every day there is school. On a normal school day, the crossing is patrolled between 8.30 and 9.00 am, and 2.30 and 2.50 pm.

On days with adjusted hours (e.g early finish for paid union meetings or late starts) the timing of the patrol will coincide with the start and finish times communicated and the length of time will be the same as normal, e.g. for a 10 am start and 12.30 pm finish, road patrol will run from 9.30–10.00 am and 12.30–12.50 pm.

Road Patrol Policy

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